About us

When the mindset is right, everything comes together.

Right from the start we decided to make it our mission to create a wide range of technically modern products at competitive prices and we have strived to pursue that goal ever since.

We are proud to say that we are experiencing growth and expansion on all levels of our business.

In the last five years our total sales value has almost doubled.

Where credibility and service counts!

With a trained team of salespeople, we offer effective customer support by providing technical assistance, knowledge transfer and consulting. We strive to provide quality materials and advanced solutions that help to build their competitiveness, innovation and development.

In 2016, we started operating in our new business premises at the location in Brežice. We have our own facility with more than 3,000 square meters of storage space, production and service. Right next to it there is an administrative building with offices, a large exhibition and sales salon, and facilities for testing products from our sales program.

Our values

Our work is based on partnership and long-term cooperation, as we are aware that providing our customers with comprehensive support is vital for our clients.

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The company has established the principle of quality assurance at all levels.


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Cert ID: 0017/00017

DominoCert Certificate of digital success
Business Registration Number: 5812089000