Professional automotive tools and equipment for mechanical and tyre work shops.



We provide technically perfected solutions, high quality and price competitiveness.

We are at the very top of agents for prestigious and high quality  brands of tools and other equipment for automotive industry.  We carry out sales using our own sales representatives as well as  qualified external salespersons. We then also provide installations  and maintenance of equipment.

Koop Automotive

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Workshop equipment

The equipment programme includes tyre-workshop equipment (tyre changer, wheel balancers), all types of car lifts (two-post electromechanical/electrohydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, four-post lifts, inground lifts, etc.), body repair equipment, hydraulic equipment, induction heaters and other equipment for the automotive workshop industry.

Hand tools

Hand tools are available individually, in functional sets or in trolleys of various sizes and various arrangements (customised). We also offer a very wide range of special tools aimed at general autorepair workshops. This means that they are then also able to perform more complex repair projects that require special tools. The prices of such tools are significantly lower than originals.

Consumable material

In addition to equipment and tools, we have also created a programme  of consumable materials to meet the needs of auto-repair mechanics, body shops and paint shops. These are adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes, coatings and more.

Lepilni trakovi


Wide range of self adhesive tapes, adhesives and sealers for industry and building contractions.



Professional automotive tools and equipment for mechanical and tyre work shops.

Ogrevalni sistemi


Wide range of electrical heating systems: IR panels, wall convectors, heating cables and heating films for floor heating.


Eco friendly, 100 % natural, sustainable building materials for home construction.


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